Federal Guidelines on Research Into Medical Cannabis Needs To Change!

As the number of states allowing medicinal and recreational marijuana increases across the country, patients are desperate for federal restrictions on cannabis research to be lifted.


As of the time of writing, there were thirty-three states which had allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons. As the access to marijuana products becomes more readily available, more and more people are looking at marijuana as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medication.

There’s only one problem. Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug under federal laws. This leads to several significant issues when it comes to the dispensation of marijuana. It makes it hard for retailers and distributors to advise people about recommended dosages. It also means that dispensaries cannot advise patients of the potential health benefits of cannabis.


What does this mean to people looking to try marijuana?

This means many people are trying marijuana for the first time blindly. It isn’t stopping many people from trying marijuana, but it isn’t helping the thousands of other people who could potentially benefit from marijuana. Imagine how many more people would consider marijuana if they could go to their healthcare provider and ask them what strains would suit their conditions and what dosage they should start at?


So, who is conducting the research?

Private companies. It sounds great, but there are a few small problems. Some of the nations brightest minds can’t legally research the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Private companies can do research, but they can’t publish their findings and have them peer-reviewed, which ultimately could lead to FDA approval of medications.

It’s also preventing medical schools from offering education to aspiring doctors about marijuana. We are living in a booming age for medicinal marijuana where doctors don’t know or understand it enough to accurately recommend or discuss it with their patients.

Don’t you think that it’s time that the federal government got on board with state governments and took a forward-thinking approach to marijuana? Have your say below!

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